How Does Counselling Work?

There is quite a lot of myth and mystery around counselling. It can feel quite scary.

Counselling – especially person centred counselling – is supported by the relationship between the counsellor and the client.

You and I have an equal part to play in making this work. When we first meet we will both be ‘playing it by ear’; finding out about one another so that we can learn how to work together in an open and honest way.

As a counsellor I know how powerful this process can be but I am asking you to trust me which is a huge thing to ask when we have only just met. I can make you some promises about my behaviour which may help.

Firstly, I will try never to judge you but always to accept you.

Secondly, I will try always to be honest with you, to share my deep and true feelings with you and not to hide or to pretend. I hope that when you see that I am genuine you will feel able to be honest with me too.

Thirdly, I will try to empathise with you. I want you to show me your situation and feelings so that I feel them and understand them from your perspective … and I will check with you that I am doing so. I trust you to correct me when I am wrong or if I misunderstand you.