What is PD?

Personal Development is anything that goes on in your life provoking you to think, reflect and learn more about yourself.  Often it feels like bringing one particular issue into clearer focus.

We all have moments in our day when events, thoughts, coincidences or emotions feel significant.

If we choose to recall one of those moments, remember what happened, why it happened and how we felt about it; we can experience it again in a more reflective way and think about it deeply.

This allows us to understand better what makes us tick, what causes us to react in certain ways, how we process information and whether we put time aside to do so.  It is called personal development because it increases our knowledge and understanding of ourselves.

You may choose to undertake some focused development work if you have a particular issue or behaviour that you don’t understand completely but feel that it blocks or limits you.  You may perhaps take some sessions of counselling to explore your issue in a confidential setting or you might attend a course to learn more about whether your reactions and responses are similar to other people’s and what tools you might use to understand or maybe change your behaviour.